Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of goods and information provided by TQOON ASIA Pte. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Corporation") using this site. Please read this before using the service.
AApplicability and Change of Terms

1. These Terms and Conditions apply to customers who browse the site or purchase goods to use the products and services provided by the Corporation.
2. The customer who uses our service agrees to these terms.
3. This site may be changed without prior consent of the User.

BSuspension of use of this service

This site may revoke the entitlement to use the Service without prior notice if the following conditions are met:

1. When there is criminal act such as porn or damage of credit or act violating laws and ordinances
2. Unauthorized use of the account
3. When it is proved that there is violation of agreement in the past
4. When it is deemed necessary for securing the security of user such as error of inputting password more than schedule number
5. When User makes a violent act on our company or make an unreasonable request
6. If there is any violation of our Terms of Use

CSuspension of use of this service

The copyright of the contents contained in the URL of this site belongs to the person in charge of operation management of this site.
All contents cannot be used without permission (duplication, reprinting, distribution, etc.) except for personal use.

DUse of personal information

We keep personal information, such as customer’s name and e-mail address that you know at the time of sign-up or order, and this information can be used only for the delivery of goods, the procedure of office work, and guidance of new products. Any comment, proposal and feedback by Customer belong to Corporation and Customer agrees that Corporation shall be free to use such information on an unrestricted basis.
We will not provide or disclose your personal information to any third party except as follows.

1. If there is consent from the customer
2. Requests to be provided based on laws and regulations

EStop use of service

In order to provide the best possible service at all times, the Site may suspend all or any part of the Service without prior notice to the Customer in the following cases.

1. When necessary for periodic system maintenance and emergency maintenance
2. When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, natural disaster, blackout, or interference caused by a third party
3. When the operation management officer judges that the system should be stopped
4. In the event of any damage to the customer in accordance with the above, the Company and the person in charge of the operation and management shall not bear any responsibility.

FOther Disclaimer

1. This site is not responsible for the customer's secondary damages caused by natural disasters or other delay in delivery.
2. This site, regardless of the cause of the lawsuit, shall not be responsible for damages, losses, disadvantages.
3. This site is not responsible for any damages caused by the customer's inability to use our services.
4. In the event that a customer damages another customer or a third party while using our service, please resolve it with your own responsibility and expense, and we will not take any responsibility.
5. You will be responsible for the expenses related to computer equipment and communication equipment installed by the customer to use our services, and the telephone and LAN charges used to use our services.


1. In principle, the corporation will use e-mail, telephone, and fax to contact customer.
2. In the event of any problem that cannot be solved by the Terms of Use with respect to the use of this Site, We agree to settle the matter between the site and the customer in good faith.
3. In the event of a need for litigation regarding the use of this site, the court having jurisdiction over the site shall be the sole court.
4. If the customer is liable for damages caused by the breach of the transaction price or other violation of the Terms and Conditions and the use of a lawyer for the collection of the damages, the customer shall bear the cost of the attorneys'

HReject order

1. We understand that we may refuse a subsequent order if we deem it inappropriate for our customers through a series of transactions.
2. Please note that we may cancel orders during the transaction if we judge it to be inappropriate.
3. We will not explain the reason for the suspension or order rejection.

[ Examples of judging elements ]

1. If there is a phrase that affects our fraud badly such as e-mail
2. Frequently contact and urgent requests to respond immediately
3. If you neglect the obligation that the customer has to do (confirmation of the contract, mail check, correction of data, deadline met etc.)

ITurnaround time

Turnaround time is the process stage that involves from confirming order, process sticker and dispatch parcel.
Our turnaround times apply to business day (Mon to Fri), except public holidays.
Turnaround starts after payment and artwork approval by customer.
Payment and artwork approval must be done by 2 pm, otherwise, first turnaround will be the second day of following business day.
Turnaround time does not include delivery time.
Also, please be aware of that if you order two different products which have different turnaround times, the order will be progressed based on the late turnaround one.
※Special area (Jurong Island, Sentosa, etc) may take 1~2 days more and no extra charge.

JReturn & Refund Policy

We put efforts to produce the finest quality stickers to meet customer's satisfaction. However, sometimes the defective products happen under various circumstances. If you receive defective goods, manufactured by us, we will reprint or refund based on customer's request.
We recommend you to inspect immediately all of your order delivered from ADSticker and if you find defective goods, please let us know within 7 days after you receive the goods by the following action.

◇ Reprinting & Refund process by defective goods

1. Please write down which part has problems at My Page > Q&A.
If you upload with detailed photo, it would be easy to figure out the problems.
Choose how you would like to get done; ①re-printing, ②return+credit/debit card or Bank transfer refund, ③return+point refund
※ ②If the credit card cancellation period is expired, bank transfer will be proceed as an alternative way.

2. Adsticker will check Q&A board to figure out problems and if the problem caused by us, we will handle according to customer's request.

The following case is not application for refund & return policy.

1. Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by customer, low-resolution of uploaded images, design errors introduced by the customer and product damage after arising delivery to the customer. Please carefully preview your design before placing your order.

2. All artwork must be based on CMYK colour mode. We cannot guarantee a perfect colour match between the original print and reprint one. We cannot be held responsible for any colour difference between print outputs. Please allow 10% difference between monitor resolution and final output.

3. Please allow 1mm size difference of all sides on an artwork. It is impossible to cut regularly for artwork with boundary line or smaller than 100mm size.

4. For single sticker, outdoor sticker or kiss-cut sticker, please allows 1mm size differences and register mark may appear on the margin.

5. We use steel rule die cutter, not laser cutting method, to cut the materials and by this process 1mm size difference can appear. Noise might occur on sticker side by this process.

6.Square cut type of stickers may contain one or more back-liner and if customer wants to request the number and direction of back-Liner, please wright down on order note section or [Quotation Request].
※Kiss-cut, Die-cut, Silver PTE, Gold PTE, Transparent PTE, White PVC and Transparent PVC don’t contain back-Liner.

7. Adhesive part is produced by strong force pressure and it may remain glue on side of sticker.

8. A sticker may twist the form after certain times, since, a sticker is material consist of paper and adhesive, overlap each other and it has flexibility. If customer wants to have a refund for this reason, please claim within 7 days after receiving your order. We cannot responsible for a claim after 7days.

There are various reason that adhesive is not working properly including material kinds, surface of object or environments like temperature or humidity. If you are not happy about adhesion strength, please claim us within 7 days.

KCancellation Order

The cancellation fee may apply according to the processing stage.
After payment and artwork approval by customer, the order moves on to the production stage. If a customer cancels the order on production stage,
70% of product fee occurs as a cancellation fee. Refund would be made according to the refund policy.
Please understand that after the dispatched stage, cancellation is not possible.

※ System automatic cancellation : If the order does not process anymore with incomplete payment, pending data approval or other problems, the order may cancelled automatically without customer’s permission. An automatic email will be sent 7 days prior to cancellation.
If you would keep continue your order, please contact us.

Return, re-production and refund

If you receive defective goods, manufactured by us, we will reprint or refund based on customer's request.

※ Maximum refund amount : 100% of product price
※ ADSticker is not responsible for secondary damages or consequence, including without limitation, arising from faulty product or turnaround delay. If you order for the product that related the deadline, please be aware of this.
Please refer to the below process for the defective product refund.

Please write down which part has problems at My Page > Q&A.
If you upload with detailed photo, it would be easy to figure out the problems.
Choose how would you like to get done; ①re-printing, ②return+credit/debit card or Bank transfer refund, ③return+point refund
※ ②If the credit card cancellation period is expired, bank transfer will be proceed as an alternative way.

ADSticker will check Q&A board to figure out problems and handle upon customer's request.