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As limited time offer, we give you 10% coupon-pcAs limited time offer, we give you 10% coupon-mobile

After you receive your stickers, write a review refer to below instruction.
Please aware that we use the review contents for our SNS, homepage or other marketing materials.
When you write a review more than 20 text with photos, we give you a 10% coupon as a thank you way.

※The Review coupon is not applicable for special price sticker.
※We issue the review coupon only once for the same design.
※Please do not contain your personal information on your review.
※ADSticker use the original photo of review. ADSticker is not responsible for any trouble regarding the copyright issues.

How to write a review


1Check the order states

Go to MY PAGE - Orders- Delivered.
Click the red [Review] button, and the new review window will pop up.

Check the order states-image

2Write a review

Write the review on this pop-up window.
Rate the star and insert the comments and upload photo by clicking below [Upload Image].

Write a review-image

3Get a coupon

Then you will see your review on the [Review & WishList] section and you can edit the review.
The coupon will be issued within 3days after writing a review.
The review cannot be edit after the coupon issued.

Get a coupon-image

How to use the coupon?


Click the coupon code on Coupons section at the order page.
It will show the coupons of yours. Click the coupon and it will apply automatically.

How to use the coupon-image

now, write a review and get a 10% off coupon-pc-imagenow, write a review and get a 10% off coupon-mobile-image Sticker Printing in Singapore with Adsticker-logo