Personal Privacy policy

About Personal information

The corporation will disclose what kind of uses and methods the personal information is being used and how the corporation takes action to protect personal information through the Privacy Policy.

The corporation's Privacy Policy contains the following information
• Collection and Use of Information
• Purpose of using customer information
• Handling of Personal Information
• Personal privacy Policy
• Disclosure of Personal Information
• Personal information correction
• Tqoon Group

If customer agree to the terms and conditions of the corporation's Terms of Service and use the Membership and Services, Customer agree to be bound by the following terms.
1Collection and Use of Information


◇ The information customer provide

When customer places an order or sample application, you will be asked to provide all information you provide to the corporation, including your name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax), email address, corporation or group name.

◇ Information obtained in connection with the use of the Service

• When a customer applies for a commodity, futures application, or other transaction provided by the corporation, information for identifying the< customer and information about the transaction history
• Subscription information such as e-mail magazines sent from 'corporation'
• Information about purchasing and acquiring points provided by 'corporation'
• information about the comments or comments made by the corporation on its phone, e-mail, or other means to the corporation or Service Provider in response to inquiries, campaigns, events, or Service evaluations


◇ Information obtained mechanically by means of access

• The IP address used by the customer's computer to connect to the Internet, the identification information of the mobile terminal
• Information about the type, version, operating system, and other application programs and versions required for using the services of the corporation, the products that are viewed or searched, etc., obtained from accessing the website operated by the corporation


◇ Cookies

Cookie is the customer’s information created at customer’s computer when visit our website. ADSticker use the persistent cookies and it is stored at customer’s hard drives. Cookies only used when customer visits our website, and it may share to our third parties to analyze customer’s search behavior to improve our site and service quality.

To remove the persistent cookies, please check the browser’s help files. We use cookies to identify customers, to match the customer information for an order or use it for login on our system.

2Purpose of using customer information


◇ If Customer use the services of corporation

• Provide automatic identification of member's information and authentication after customer logs in as member.
• Responses to customers' reservation, purchase, delivery, payment and inquiry, after-sales service related to customer inquiry in
'corporation', other business.


◇ When necessary for the service information or marketing activities of the corporation

• Providing information such as various e-mail magazines for customers.
• Providing service information by e-mail, mail, telephone, etc.
• Analyze customer service use and develop new services or improve existing services.
• To communicate with customers regarding the exchange of feedback and information about surveys or campaigns.

3Handling of Personal Information

• Corporation treats personal information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.
• Corporation shall not provide or disclose to third parties the personal information of the customer except to use jointly when it corresponds to the following items


◇ About joint use

• The shared personal information [1. Collection and Use of Information]
• The range of joint users is [Tqoon corporation]
• The purpose of joint use is [2. Purpose of using customer information]


◇ Exclusion

• At Customers request
• Requesting disclosure and provision in accordance with other laws and regulations
• If the customer's behavior with respect to the corporation is found to be in violation of the Terms of Use and to protect the rights and services of the corporation

4Personal privacy Policy


◇ Basic policy

The corporation recognizes that customer privacy is an important social responsibility and will continue to improve and strengthen its
privacy policy.


◇ Exercise Guidelines

• We will make every effort to collect, use and provide personal information properly and to dispose of personal information.
• We take appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, modification and leakage of personal information.
• We will disclose our privacy policy to our executives and employees and place them on our website.

5Disclosure of Personal Information

The corporation shall respond without any delay to the disclosure of personal information by the customer or his / her representative except for the following cases. If there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights of the customer or the third party, or if there is a possibility of causing serious damage to the business of the corporation, if it violates the law, Please contact us.

◇ Companies consultation counter for personal information disclosure

3 Fraser Street, #05-21, Singapore 189352
Tel : +65 3152 9008
Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 5:00PM | Lunch 11:30AM-12:30PM)

6Personal information correction

If there is a request from the customer or his agent to correct the customer's personal information, we will investigate without delay.
As a result, if the information about the personal information is not true, or it is deemed that it is not appropriate to handle it after the retention period, the correction will be carried out without delay. To apply for correction of personal information, please refer to the above [consultation counter for disclosure of personal information]