3D sticker that printed on paper
and covered with the polyurethane on the top

Suitable for product/company logo or character product with its 3D effect.
Takes 9 days turnaround, 1 kind material, cut type for basic to customize.

 business days
  • epoxy.pngwaterproof.png

    WhitePP 80μ

    • 9days

Printing method : Inkjet print

Colour : full colour on front

Size : 20x20mm~200x200mm
(Minimum size of Square-cut is 50x50mm)


Quantity : 100 pieces~

Artwork : refer to artwork page

Surplus : 30~50 pieces

Delivery form : Sheet type

  • Epoxy Stickers_2_220x200.png
  • Epoxy Stickers_3_220x200.png
  • Epoxy Stickers_4_220x200.png